Date : 23 December 2020


Scope of Work : EXW from overseas, Custom, Handling, Stripping and Storage in Warehouse.

For people currently live abroad and want to move back to Indonesia, it is possible to ship their personal belonging. The procedure for importing in order to relocate personal goods is known as Personal Effect, specifically it is called as Imported Personal Effect.

Thus, please check the requirements for Imported Personal Effect below.

What is Personal Effect?

Personal Effect is import procedure means for Relocating Personal Goods from abroad to Indonesia.

Who are possible to obtain the permit for Personal Effect?

  • Civil servants/ Military Personnel (TNI) work or study abroad;
  • State Diplomats/ Officials serving abroad;
  • Civilians (Students, College Students, Employees) study or work abroad; and
  • Foreigner’s nationals work in Indonesia.

Is personal effect subjected to import duty?

Personal effect is exempted from import duty. However, Customs officer still has authority to do further provisions if necessary (terms and requirements are applied). Thus, further information from the sender/ the recipient regarding the goods is needed for the detail inspection. 

Who are not allowed to obtain facilities exemption?

  • State diplomats/ Government Officials live abroad and only come back to Indonesia for annual leave purpose are not allowed to obtain exemption from import duty for personal effect. The regulation is applicable to civilians lived abroad less than 1 year.
  • Goods categorized as merchandise and motor vehicles.

Are prohibited items allowed to participate personal effect?


What is prohibited item?

Prohibited items are items subject to LARTAS (Prohibition and Restriction) that is prohibited and/or restricted to be imported or exported. LARTAS is issued by The Competent Technical Agencies, the Ministry or Non-Ministerial Government Agencies Head Office, that define LARTAS regulation on imports or exports and deliver the regulation to Indonesia Ministry of Finance.

What are the requirements for the importation of personal effect?

Requirements for the importation of Personal Effect for foreigners working in Indonesia:

  1. Proposing a request for submission of PIBK
  2. Filling out the PIBK form
  3. Submitting documents:
    • Original BL (Bill of Lading)/AWB (Airway Bill)
    • Invoice + Packing List
    • Original Passport
    • Boarding Pass/Ticket
    • Limited Stay Permit Card (KITAS)
    • Foreign Workers Hiring Permit (IMTA)

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