It is such an honor to us, PT PLATINUM JAYA LOGISTIC, who given an invitation by our beloved client, PT SUMBAWA TIMUR MINING to do the workshop on their site, Dompu Hu’u. Alhamdulillah – all run smoothly and properly. In get-in to the site, we must have permit and paperwork based on applicable SOP. The Safety and Health protocol in Dompu are strict, our staff required to quarantine and do Covid-19 test in STM’s clinic.

Aside from workshop – PJL’s team was also given a chance to visit some areas, which are core-shed and warehouse’s inventory. And what excited us more is that during the workshop, we are being surrounded by the sound of 2 helicopters pacing above us. These 2 helicopters are delivering the goods to the site which are coordinated by related team.

Note: we take off the mask for a while only for photo purposes.