Date : 4 April 2022 – 22 April 2022

Shipment : Moving Schramm RIG 685 from Martabe to Sentul using LCT.

Details :

On April 4, 2022 – PJL given support by client from a drilling company to move Giant Schramm RIG 685 from Martabe site to Sentul. This Giant Schramm RIG 685 is the biggest rig our customer ever had. The main body of the rig is around 45 tonnage weight excludes its accessories and the mast with length around 13M with 15.5 tonnage of weight excludes its accessories.

In loading the Giant Schramm RIG 685 we had quick process as loading is handled by our client’s operator which are expert and surely experienced in such thing. PJL as transporter provided things required based on SOW, we put the dolly truck in loading area that has been informed by customer, then remove the dolly’s tires and installed the wooden beam to ensure safety when loading. We also confirmed the gravity center point for the rig upon the dolly truck. And then we processed the lashing and re-installed back the dolly’s tires.

After being sure it all safe and the documents are clear, dolly which load Giant Schramm RIG 685 ready to depart.